The Mission of the Maranacook Lake Association is to protect and improve the water quality of Maranacook Lake and its watershed for the benefit of all.

Our Goals are to…

  • Promote public awareness of water quality issues;
  • Educate the public about strategies to protect water quality related issues;
  • Enlist citizen, community organizations and municipal involvement;
  • Conduct programs and projects to achieve our goals;
  • Promote responsible stewardship for present and future generations;
  • Lend support to any initiatives that benefit the Maranacook Lake Watershed.

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3 Responses to Home

  1. Tom Molokie says:

    Found today 5/13/2020 one large 12 by 16 foot wooden dock with access ramp 12 feet long floating in front of our home no name on dock. Please call Tom 685 4706. North basin Readfield end.

  2. DAVID W. MAXWELL says:

    I’m trying to find out who or what group is responsible for the boat moorings at the south end of Maranacook. Winthrop Town Office thinks it might be the MLA. Could you please advise? Thanks.

    • Hi David. It is not the Lake Association. This has been discussed at the Association board meeting and the belief is that it is the town of Winthrop. Sorry to send you in a circle. The lake associations mission is water quality. We have no regulatory authority.

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